/Mossarium LED Light Cylinder CL-01

Mossarium LED Light Cylinder CL-01


This is the terrarium you’ve been looking for. Create a stunning moss terrarium with the outstanding Mossarium LED Light. The modern and classy design fits into any setting, and the light is easily powered anywhere a USB port is available. The LED provides a pleasing, soft, natural light, with adjustable brightness and color. In addition to the artistic design and great features, you’ll be impressed by the excellent quality and craftsmanship of the mossarium. Order yours today and create the terrarium of your dreams!

Each purchase includes a Free “Moss Tips Cheat sheet.” Create a beautiful and thriving mossarium, regardless of your experience or knowledge! The Cheat Sheet will be sent to the email address you use to check out your order. Please allow 2-3 days to receive the file.

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LED Light

Adjustable brightness and color temperature
Get the correct lighting for the type of plants and for your mood

Clearly labeled knobs with a smooth and solid rotation
Easily adjust the lighting exactly to your preference

Machined aluminum with anodized finish
Attractive, durable, and anti-rusting

Adjustable ventilation holes to control humidity
Get the conditions right for your moss and plants

Clean and modern design
Very attractive and classy, yet puts the focus on the plant and landscape inside

LED Specs

Rated for approximately 25,000 hours.

Adjustable full spectrum, warm white (3500 Kelvin) – cool white (6500 Kelvin).

Approximately 250 lumens


More uniform shape, smoother surface, and fewer defects than blown glass

High-clarity glass
Attractive and easy to see through to view your landscape and plants

Vase element is manufactured by the largest home-furnishings retailer in the world

Vase Specs

Cylinder vase dimensions approximately 230mm wide x 280mm tall


USB-cable powered
LED light can be used with most digital device chargers

Cable can be unplugged from the LED unit so it’s easy to relocate the mossarium

Cable can easily be replaced if it gets damaged

Power Specs

2 meter USB cord (NOTE: wall plug not included)

Rating: DC 5V/ 2.4A, 6 Watt

IMPORTANT: Wall plug must be purchased separately. For safety, make sure you get one that is capable of supplying at least 2.4A.

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